Who is it for?

Who is Soetlief intended for?


Any, Every and All Children

Soetlief does not address specified negativity or "problem-children" but aims to address social and emotional development and empowering kids with the tools needed to deal with change and challenge

Parents and Guardians

It is important to note, these programs will not alter the inherent personality of a child, but it has been found that in the past, that introverts would discover their internal emotions and the extrovert would discover their peers' internal emotions and considerations. The rational will not become emotional, and the emotional will not become logical, but will develop consideration and understanding. Soetlief wants to partner with everyone living in a world of kids. With the purpose of teaching kids Emotional and Social Skills. Together we want to build towards the well-being of every child. Every child is special and deserves happiness.

Before selecting a program

Parents/Guardians must consider developmental delay - when your child does not reach their developmental milestones at the expected times. It is advisable that you consider the Functional Age of the child and not necessarily their chronological age. Based on your child’s functional age you might have to enrol them for a younger program in order for you and your child to get the MOST from the program


Creative, Fantasy & Play

Children this age show centration of thought, meaning their focus is limited to one aspect of a situation/object. They become increasingly creative in their fantasy play, however they can't understand abstract emotions.


Logic, Reason & Independent

By this age, children move from a life dominated by fantasy to one that is beginning to be governed by logic and reason. They begin to take note of the "right" way of doing and become more able to do things by themselves.


Abstract, Thinking, Analysing

At this age, children learn to think about abstract concepts. They wrestle with abstract concepts like love or justice, and formulate values based on thinking and analysing as opposed to only by feeling or experiencing.

The Soetlief programs

All Soetlief Programs focus on developing various skills in children to ensure that they are equipped for life. Soetlief strives to develop leadership in all children by focusing on the development of emotional and social skills.



3 - 5 emotional age

In this program the focus is on several fundamental emotional development concepts such as Sensory Awareness, Vocabulary, the understanding of Emotional Concepts and Emotional Awareness through the very basic learning of emotional skills.


6 - 9 emotional age

In this program the focus is on self-awareness, appropriate expression of feelings and mechanisms to regulate negative experiences. Topics such as Sensory Awareness, Introduction to Emotions and Borders will be addressed.


10 - 12 emotional age

In this program the focus is on the experience of complex emotions - basic emotions shaped by social and relational situations. Topics such as Body Language, Boundaries and Complex Emotions of Anger, Fear and Sadness will be addressed.